Meter Runs EP (featuring THOMAS)

by Piège

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released December 23, 2011

Written, recorded, produced and performed by Nick Storring
except: "The Downtown Lights" originally by the Blue Nile; composed by Paul Buchanan.
"Dance: Your Nights Are Always Young" borrows some lyrics from Bemnet Tekleyohannes

"Meter Runs (THOMAS's Free Your Body Version)" performed, produced and re-written by T H O M A S. Mix and Mastering by Thom Gill & Christopher Willes.

Tracks 1 & 2 feature vocals by T H O M A S
Track 2 features Miles Barstead on Trumpet.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Piège Toronto

Piège is the bent dance/pop project of Toronto-based Nick Storring (Entr'acte label artist, member of Picastro, I Have Eaten The City, Café Con Pan).

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Track Name: Piège (featuring THOMAS) - Meter Runs
It's 3AM
and we're riding in the back
Snow shadows falling on the dash
...And the meter runs
lights change and the meter runs
Marking time across the north of city
Turn the corner
Another wide and vacant street
I'm seized with trepidation
A flock of light through your hair
I hope with never reach our destination

It's quiet outside
and the blankness of your eyes
But I'm not even really listening
'Cause it's loud inside here
Amidst the chatter of my fears
Gnawing through each shallow breath that I'm taking
Turn the corner, and the meter runs
Slide my hand across the seat, feeling yours receiving my caress
Savouring this tentative grasp, this not-knowing
Much easier than really letting go or actually holding on...

I can see your breath
Even the highway's silent beside us
Standing in foot of snow
You're telling me you gotta go
You wrap me with your sober embrace.
Track Name: Dance: Your Nights Are Always Young
your glass is empty
all i wanna do is dance
but the sun's about to come up now
and my limbs are telling me i can't

i really wanna stay by you and greet the day
but i'm gonna take that night bus home
and sort these feelings out on my own

my clothes smell like cigarettes
the piano's still out of tune
and that song is on your lips again
i sit and wait for your voice to fill this room

you say that every night is a holiday
but i can't get no vacation from this quandary in my brain.

all i wanna do is dance.